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The only available clinical method NOW to improve vision and to prevent progressing loss in damaged retinas in patients would be fetal sheet transplants. Most other treatments can only delay deterioration of vision in early stages of retinal disease, but after a while, degeneration still continues.


Economic help.

However, money is a large hurdle. We have to pay for patients' surgeries and the additional examinations and many other things, such as preparations and the extensive paperwork related to each surgery. Our engagements with research improvements need support to succeed.

We are also in the forefront of research with stem cells but it will take several years to be applicable to patients. Embryonic cells are available now but stem cells might be clinically applicable 8-9 years from now.

We ask for your economic help to finish this project to become a viable treatment for everybody in need.

Contact: raramant@ymail.com



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